Organisational Transformation

We consider inter-culturalism to be a value to be celebrated. Different cultures and world-views help us to be more open and more innovative in our lives and work. The more organisations are able to listen and incorporate different voices, views and interests into their creative processes the more effective they will be.

We facilitate the process of organisational transformation by bringing different perspectives and world-views together in democratic spaces where all voices can be heard to co-create the better possible future.


  • Diversity and innovation processes
  • Gender equality assessments
  • Power analysis and systems mapping
  • Cultural change management

Mapping stakeholders for urban Greenhouse gas emission reduction.

WWF Sweden

Organisational TransformationIn Spring 2019 the Transformancy team supported WWF’s strategy to engage with cities and urban citizens in GHG emissions reduction. We facilitated a workshop in Stockholm to map out the system WWF´s cities initiative is working in. Using different types of stationery and objects participants built different 3D sculptures to map the system. These sculptures where then observed from different perspectives to explore WWF place and role in the system and accordingly prioritise action.